<strong>Beanburg D1</strong>

Beanburg D1

Item# NS-104
A biplane Bostonian with a WW1 feel. Charisma and surprising flight performance.

All sheet parts are laser cut. It uses a self-aligning box fuselage construction method. The alignment tools are part of the kit. Some parts use laser cut, laminated sheet wood.

This is a complete kit with laser cut sheet parts, strip wood, hardware and rubber. Propeller in kit is a Peck. The wing span is just under 16 inches.

Note: The lozenge camo pattern is representative, not any historically correct pattern,,,I drew it. With the lozenge wings green tissue is supplied for the fuselage. The red and green tissues supplied are brighter with the domestic tissue.

(In case you are wondering about the way I walk in the video it was taken before I had my hip replacement.)

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