<strong>A-7 Fighter Bomber</strong>

A-7 Fighter Bomber

Item# NC104
This is a model of the A-7 fighter bomber used in Vietnam and Desert Storm. This was the F8U redesigned to be a 'bomb truck' and replace the A-4, F100, and F-105 in close support missions. It gave excellent service with the US Navy, US Air Force, Portuguese Air Force and Hellenic Air Force where it served until 2014.

The model is currently available, pre-printed, in the 'Edwards AFB' white and red color scheme, Air Force, and Navy color schemes. It has exceptional performance outdoors in 'dead air'.

Note: Air Force and Navy skin photos are bond paper editing models, not actual flying models. Tissue printed skins are not completely opaque. The "Edwards Flight Test" scheme in the photo is an early prototype without the pre-printed skin. Propeller in kit is Peck.
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