<strong>F2A Buffalo</strong>

F2A Buffalo

Item# NC-102
Fly this No-Cal model of the much maligned Brewster Buffalo and you will find that the F2A may not deserve the bad reputation it had. This is a conventional No-Cal model supplied with skins pre-printed on Asuka or Domestic tissue. Available skins are Pre-WWII, Pearl Harbor, Battle of Midway, RAF Singapore, Dutch East Indies, and Finnish Continuation War. Specify the skin when ordering. The completed model photos show the Pearl Harbor and Pre-WW2 skins. The laser cut parts in this model are laminated sheet balsa parts. Propeller in kit is Peck.

Note: The Finnish skin has swastikas on it and cannot be shipped to some countries.

Picture of the model in the Pre-WW2 skin is a kit built by Jeff Nisley.

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