<strong>Beaufighter Giant NoCal</strong>

Beaufighter Giant NoCal

Beaufighter Giant NoCal
Item# GM-101
The Bristol Beaufighter is sometimes called the forgotten Allied fighter of WWII. It made its name as a night fighter and as a devastating anti-shipping attack plane. Supposedly, the Japanese called it "Whispering Death" because its sleeve valve engines were hard to hear coming.

This model is NOT an FAC legal no-cal. It is a Giant NoCal with a 24 inch wing span. Wing tips, tail outline and ribs are cross-laminated balsa. It is much easier to trim than the smaller version. If the instructions in the kit are followed it is a fun and satisfying model to fly. Propellers in kit are EB for easier balance. Some of these have been built as electric powered free flight models and at least one is being converted to RC.

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