<strong> Skinny Bomber</strong>

Skinny Bomber

Skinny Bomber
Item# NS-109
This is an ROG model that is just a little more advanced than a slip together model, a beginner's model with style. It is perfect for the first built up structure, tissue covered model. It can be flown indoors or outdoors.

The kit is laser cut and complete, with dihedral gauges included that make it easy for a beginner's first polyhedral wing. The front end included has a Peck propeller. It has an 18 inch wing span. If you want your AMA number printed on it two pre-print skins are available for it, Red, White and Blue and Stars and Bars. The Sky Battle pre-print is also available.

The flight in the video was on the stronger rubber usually used outdoors so it only had 600 turns in the motor to keep it from hitting the ceiling.

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